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The JAAHS was established in 2017 and consists of several High School Alumni Associations throughout the island. JAAHS is a registered entity with the Companies Office of Jamaica. The main objectives of JAAHS include: 

Aims & Objectives 

• Encourage and foster the establishment, maintenance and improvement of alumni associations in Jamaican secondary schools. 

• Seek governmental recognition of The Association by securing adequate representation on National Education Boards and Committees, and through these to establish and protect the rights and 

interests of alumni associations in Jamaica. 

• Assist the JAAHS members to promote, 

improve, advance and enrich the academic, cultural, spiritual, philosophical, social and physical development of their programmes. 

• Provide opportunities and facilities for fellowship between JAAHS 

and other local, regional and international alumni associations. 

• Achieve all of the above through the conception and implementation of educational, social, fundraising and other projects in a manner that promotes the welfare and benefits of its members. 

• Advocate on issues of national importance that impact secondary 

schools in Jamaica.

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