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Membership in the Jamaica Alumni Association of High Schools is open to all Jamaican Secondary school alumni associations.

JAAHS Membership strengthens your Alumni Association by allowing all associations to collaborate towards accomplishing our goals for the benefit of students in secondary schools across the island.

JAAHS Membership gives you the pride and satisfaction to know that you are making a difference to the present and future educational needs of students in equipping them for success as they move on to pursue their various career paths.


Member Benefits

  • Web page for each member to promote their association.

  •  Publication of member events on the JAAHS website.

  •  Email and social media broadcast of member events and member accomplishments.

  •  Opportunity to participate in the Annual Education Fair.

  •  Opportunity to participate in JAAHS Fundraisers.

  •  Membership discounts at participating merchants.

  •  Promotion of member Association on all JAAHS’ marketing materials.

  •  Access to training and development seminars/ workshops.

  •  Networking opportunities with other alumni associations locally and overseas.

  •  Assistance with gaining registration/non-profit status.

  •  Assistance in seeking new members.

  •  Liaison with Education policy makers.

Member Benefits

Membership Application and Payment 

Download and email the completed application form to, or fill it out below.


You may pay online via bank transfer to JAAHS’s chequing account number 006000178174, JMMB Bank, Haughton Terrace Branch. 


You may also pay via cheque.


Telephone 8763968121 for details regarding cheque and other payment methods.

Membership Application and Payment 

Member Associations

1.     Alpha Academy Alumnae Association

2.     Alphansus Davis High PSA

3.     Anchovy High School PSA

4.     Ardenne Alumni Association

5.     Bishop Gibson High School Alumni Association

6.     Calabar Old Boys’ Association

7.     Camperdown Alumni St Andrew Chapter (CASTAC)

8.     Campion College Alumni Association

9.     Clarendon College PSA

10.   Cornwall College Alumni Association

11.   Dinthill Technical High School Alumni Association Jamaica

12.   Dunoon Park Technical High School Alumni Jamaica

13.   Edith Dalton James High PSA

14.   Excelsior Past Students Association

15.   Garvey Maceo High PSA

16.   Gaynstead High OSA

17.   Glenmuir High School PSA

18.   Godfrey Stewart High Alumni Association

19.   Hampton Old Girls’ Association

20.   Holmwood PSA

21.   ICHS Alumnae Association

22.   Jose Marti PSA

23.   Kingston College Old Boys’ Association

24.   Kingston Technical High School PSA

25.   Knox College Alumni (PSA)

26.   Little London High School Past Students

27.   Manning’s School PSA

28.   Meadowbrook High School PSA

29.   Morant Bay High School Alumni Association

30.   Munro College Old Boys’ Association

31.   Oberlin High PSA

32.   Oracabessa High School PSA

33.   Pembroke Hall High School Alumni Association

34.   St Andrew Old Girls’ Association

35.   St Catherine High Alumni Association

36.   St George’s College Old Boys’ Association

37.   St Hugh’s PSA

38.   St Jago High PSA

39.   The Queen’s School Alumnae Association

40.   Westwood Old Girls’ Association

41.   Wolmer’s Girls’ Alumnae

42.   Wolmer’s Old Boys’ Association

43.   York Castle Alumni, Jamaica Chapter

Member Associations
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