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Developing Our Nation by Empowering Our Schools 

Education Fair

The annual education fair, endorsed by the Ministry of Education Youth and Information,  is held annually in October and targets grades 9 to 13 students in member institutions who are preparing for careers as well as to enter universities and/or colleges. 

National Alumni Day

Jamaica’s Governor General Sir Patrick Allen signed a Proclamation dated August 12, 2021 declaring the second Wednesday in October National Alumni Day.

Care Package

In collaboration with our USA and Canadian partners and the Lasco Chin Foundation, thousands of packages were distributed to students of member institutions and their families during the COVID 19 pandemic.



JAAHS was established in 2017 and consists of several High School Alumni Associations throughout the island. JAAHS is a registered entity with the Companies Office of Jamaica. The main objectives of JAAHS include: 

Aims & Objectives 
• Encourage and foster the establishment, maintenance and improvement of alumni associations in Jamaican secondary schools. 
• Seek governmental recognition of The Association by securing adequate representation on National Education Boards and Committees, and through these to establish and protect the rights and 
interests of alumni associations in Jamaica...


Views expressed by the President of JAAHS on the past year and the vision for the new year.

The year 2020 has challenged us to free ourselves from the status quo...find innovative ways to continue to carry our service to our alma mater. The global pandemic will go on for at least another 2 or more years, even with the advent of a vaccine. We are resolved in our mission to continue the positive impact on our schools through our associations. 

Despite the continued challenges of the pandemic we are aiming to execute a major fundraising initiative in 2021 that will benefit our members, along with other initiatives to benefit our members. We will also continue the partnership with partners in the Diaspora as together we can achieve more for our respective institutions. JAAHS is committed to the objective of collaboration for improved success.

As we start the final year in the Term for the current executive, we anticipate the usual support of our members as together we seek to "empower our nation's youths".





Since becoming affiliated with the Jamaica Alumni Association of High Schools (JAAHS), Cornwall College has had a fruitful partnership. The association with JAAHS provides an avenue for the exchange of experiences with many Alumni Associations across the length and breadth of Jamaica and as such is a fertile environment for the germination and development of great ideas.  

The COVID 19 pandemic proved the mettle of JAAHS when it partnered with UJAA, AJAA and the Lasco Foundation to provide care packages to needy families at High Schools, a venture on which Cornwall College collaborated.

Another initiative which epitomized the mandate and heart of the organization was the execution of the JAAHS Fish Fry in which approximately 80% of the proceeds went to member schools that participated.

This provided a much-needed fillip in these challenging times.

Again, Cornwall College partnered with JAAHS to host the Western Edition of that initiative.  All in all, Cornwall College is pleased to be associated with JAAHS, and looks forward to continuing this strategic partnership.

Cornwall College Alumni Association President

Dr. Richard Meggo

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